About us

Welcome to Bear Avenue. 
We are the designers of elegant and modern wedding invitations and stationery. Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse into your big day so why not make that glimpse the best it can be, and all without a hefty price tag attached.
We know weddings. We know invitations. And we definitely know how overwhelming it can be when choosing invitations for your big day. Like, what style are you looking for? How many do you need? Do you want RSVP cards or wishing well cards? Do you want the invitations personalised? Can you see a sample before ordering? And the questions just keep on coming sending your brain into a whirlwind.  
With that in mind, it’s our mission to make the wedding invitation process as seamless, special and easy as possible so that you can enjoy every moment of planning your big day with the least amount of worry as possible. 
So, now, kick back with a glass of wine in hand and browse our collection.
You never know… you might just find what you’re looking for. 
BA ♥