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Collection: Custom Maps

Here you will find our CUSTOM MAP DESIGN service!


About our maps 

I can’t think of a better way to direct your guests to your wedding ceremony or reception than with a custom printed map included in their invitation suite. 

Our custom map prints are an additional card included in your invitation suite, featuring an illustration of certain locations and roads and information to assist your guests with finding their way to your venue. All of our invitation collections can be designed with a custom map to reflect your design and wedding circumstances.

Should you include a map?

A map is highly practical and the picture it conveys to your guests is worth ONE THOUSAND words. They are the perfect way to help your guests make travel arrangements and find your venues. 

Weddings are usually held in two locations, the ceremony location and the reception venue. This means that your guests will have to travel between the ceremony and reception - or you may have something planned for your guests during this time. A map can be helpful to show the best route between your two venues so be sure to include street names, parking locations and walking paths!

If your venue can be difficult to describe with written directions only or has specific parking information and entry and exit areas, then a map is going to be your guest’s BEST FRIEND. In this case, we usually include street names, parking locations, taxi and transport options. 

On the rear of your custom map, you can include written information such as accommodation ideas, venues information and recommended parking locations. 

What information do you need to provide?

We will create your map from scratch. If your venue has given you a map of their premises, please provide that to us because that can help if there is more than one building there (see our custom map to see what we mean!). Please provide the following information to help us create your map:

- Venues or general areas you want us to include on your map;

- Important locations - e.g., location of ceremony/reception/drinks between events;

- Important features - e.g., roads, landmarks;

- Any specific wording - e.g., headings, parking information and addresses

- Any symbols that help to reference information on other stationery items


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