Our Guide To Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette

If you are reading this blog post, then your wedding day has probably been and gone... so congratulations newly wed! I sincerely hope that your day was the best. day. ever. After mine of course. LOL. 


Saying a big  T H A N K Y O U  to your guests is a big deal. Many of your guests gave up their day, some their weekend and others who travelled from interstate or overseas to celebrate your big day with you and even gave you gifts, money or whatever it is that you asked for. You want to make sure that saying thank you is right at the top of your priority list. You want to make your guests feel valued and thought of. After all, what would your wedding have been without your drunken family and friends doing the nutbush and the macarena? Boring, that's what. 


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So, what's the etiquette, you ask? Well.. we say there's no hard and fast rule for thank you cards but if you follow this guide then you should be a-okay.


1. Timeframe

Leading up to your wedding, you were probably over run with wedding tasks and thank you cards were probably the last thing on your mind as you didn't have anything to thank your guests for yet! A comfortable timeframe for your thank you cards is 1 - 3 months after your big day. This allows you plenty of time to choose a design, order your cards, address your cards and post them out to your guests. If you choose to hand write your cards, then this can be a special task that you both can undertake together, as newly weds. 


2. YOU get a card! YOU get a card! **insert Oprah voice here**

Basically, everyone that was at your wedding gets a thank you card. AND anyone that wasn't at your wedding, but still gave you a gift / money - they get a thank you card too. Double check your guest list. Triple check your guest list. You don't want one of your valued guests missing out on a thank you card. You could even send a thank you card to your suppliers. You might have employed them making them there by default, buuut they worked hard too! Plus... we love getting thank you cards from our clients, it keeps us happy.


3. Make it personal

If you received gifts, then take the time out to address those gifts in your thank you messages. Your guests may have hunted down the most perfect wedding gift for you and your new husband or wife and your thank you message will mean a lot to them if you acknowledge it. 
Pro tip: when you open your gifts, make a list of what the gift was and who it was from!


4. I had 150 guests and my hand hurrrrts...

If you had a massive wedding and the thought of hand writing all those thank you messages makes your hand hurt, then don't worry, you can order thank you cards with a pre-printed message on it from you and your new husband or wife. Obv the cards are not going to be super personalised as we discussed above, but hey, at least your hand won't cramp up after 5 nights straight of writing. 


Finally... we're almost at the end.

I know that newly married life is exciting and new. The hype of your big day is all over and many brides and grooms jet off on their honeymoons and their wedding celebrations become a thing of the past. It's because of this that unfortunately the task of sending out thank you cards gets overlooked and forgotten about. 


It's important to remember to thank your guests for not only giving you a gift, but for celebrating one of the most important days of your life with you and your new partner in crime. And writing your cards together is a great way to reminisce and close off the wedding day chapter with a bang. All while sipping that Moet given to you by Aunt Janet. Pour me a glass too, would ya.  


To help you get started on this extremely important task, here's a free thank you card that you can get printed at your local printer and hand write beautiful heartfelt messages on to send to all your guests. 


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Peace out,


BA x








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